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Lubbock's Best Collaborative Divorce Attorney

If you are like most people who are considering divorce, you are worrying about making a huge investment of time, money and emotions. Divorce does not have to be this way.

Attorney Dannie Boswell Botros, will guide you through a "Collaborative Divorce." This is a process where you and your spouse, along with your attorneys and co-professionals will be committed to working together to resolve all issues. This will permit you to remain in control of the entire separation and divorce process, by removing the need for a Judge.


A Collaborative Divorce is effective because you and your spouse start and remain on a level playing field.

It will provide you both with an opportunity to openly discuss finances, child care and all other concerns you have. By working together, you will be able to complete your divorce faster by keeping the entire process legal as well as civil. Some individuals even remain friends.

The Collaborative Divorce is the future of divorce litigation. More and more lawyers and individuals in Lubbock County are finding that this process helps promote a positive environment for the family and is a better way of resolving a broken marriage.

The attorneys are assisted by other professionals such as Licensed Family Counselors and Financial Experts who offer ongoing guidance to the parties and keep the proceedings amicable.

If you and your spouse have children, a Collaborative Divorce will establish a foundation for you to use as you begin to co-parent after your divorce. Most experts in the area of the family agree that maintaining an amicable relationship with your former spouse will establish a platform for you to continue to parent your children in the future.

If you go into a Courtroom, the Judge will expect you to testify that your spouse is a bad parent or that you are a better parent and should be awarded conservatorship of the children. Or, you will testify that you should be awarded a larger portion of the community estate due to your spouse’s shortcomings. Most parties do not leave the courtroom with warm feelings regarding your spouse. It frequently takes years to overcome the animosity of the courtroom.

When you first visit the Collaborative Law attorney, or professional, you will be asked: “What is the most important thing that you want out of this process”. You will discuss your concerns with the Licensed Professional Counselor such as effect on the children, future economic stability, your future as a single person, etc. Your issues will set the tone of the Collaborative Process. Throughout the process, you will be assisted by your Attorney, Dannie Boswell Botros

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