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A reasonable option for uncontested divorces.

When considering divorce, cost can be one of the top concerns. Dannie Boswell Botros Law introduces a new alternative for uncontested divorces - Flat Fee Divorces. We have seen an increased demand for the flat fee divorce service, which eliminates the unforeseen costs and moves the process along in an amicable and efficient manner.

If spouses are able to set aside their differences and come to agreements, then with the guidance and advice of an experienced family lawyer, it is very possible for the divorce to be settled quickly. This will allow them to control the cost with a flat fee divorce.

The flat fee divorce is an excellent option for couples who have been able to reach an agreement regarding debt resolution and asset distribution. When there are children involved, a flat fee divorce is very successful if the spouses are in agreement about the custody and support of the child (children).

A flat fee divorce is not right for everyone. If you answer yes to the following questions, give Dannie Boswell Botros a call to discuss the flat fee divorce option

  • Does your spouses agree to a divorce?
  • Do you have children? Have you come to an agreement on the parenting decisions?
  • Do you and your spouse own any marital property?
  • Can you both agree on the division of your marital property?

Finances are certainly important in considering a divorce, however the flat fee divorce should not be seen as a "cheap" alternative. There are both short-term and long-term consequences of a "cheap" divorce. Having the advice of a highly qualified and skilled attorney is necessary to protect your interests.

Whether your divorce is complex or very simple, Dannie can sit down with you to answer your questions and discuss your options allowing you to determine the best way to proceed.

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Below are some commonly asked questions about flat fee divorces.

How much does a flat fee divorce cost?

The different flat fee divorce plans are based on the needs of the client. Whether children and property are involved will determine which plan is best for you. Dannie Botros will be happy to discuss your needs and the best plan for your divorce.

In a flat fee divorce, will there be additional fees?

No. The flat fee divorce includes all legal fees for an agreed case.

Are attorney's fees and filing fees included in the total fee?

Yes. The attorney's fees and filing fees are included in the Flat Fee Divorce Plan.

What expenses are not covered?

All fees and expenses are covered as long as the divorce continues as a flat fee divorce. Preparation of any additional transfer documents or services outside of the Flat Fee Divorce Plan would require a separate agreement.

Other than the divorce decree, what other transfer documents may need to be prepared?

When real estate, retirement accounts, motor vehicles or other assets are involved and need to be divided as part of the divorce, it may be necessary to complete additional documents. These could include special warranty deeds, power of attorney, qualified domestic relations orders, motor vehicle transfers, affidavits, or other similar transfer documents.

How long will it take to complete the divorce?

The minimum time, by law, for a divorce in Texas is 61 days. We strive to complete the divorce in 61 days however the time it takes to finalize depends primarily on the parties level of cooperation and availability.

Will I be representing myself or will Dannie Botros represent me?

Dannie Botros will represent you during the divorce process.

Will I work with an attorney or office staff?

You will be working with both attorney and staff during the process.

Will Dannie Botros represent my spouse also?

No. You will be represented by Dannie Botros. You spouse may represent themselves or they may decide to hire their own attorney.

Who is responsible for paying the legal fees?

The spouse who retains Dannie Botros Law is responsible for the cost of the Flat Fee Divorce Plan. In some cases, legal fees are paid from the marital assets or you can ask your spouse to share the cost of a Flat Fee Divorce Plan.

Will I have to go to court?

Yes. A judge must sign all divorce decrees. Dannie Botros will represent you at the hearing to finalizwe your divorce case.